15 Best Half-up, Half-Down Hairstyles That Are so Trendy Right Now

3. Voluminous Teased Updo

To tweak Carrie Underwood’s glitz retro-style haircut at the previous ACM Awards, pull part of your locks up with a pin or barrette — at that point bother your hair into a high crown for that shocking victory volume.

4. Half-Rapunzel

Ciara is one of those celebs who aren’t afraid to rock their hair into something adventures at the events. She rocked her awesome long hair at CFDA Fashion Awards. Half of hair were dramatically piled high on her head and the other half of them were hanging below her waist in a trendy Rapunzel like expression.

5. Sleek Half Up

This year at Emmy’s Awards, Jodie Comer appeared with this gorgeous half-up style that was smooth and off the face but still looked beautiful on her shoulders. We asked her hairstylist about this super-chic look and guess what? This look was done on unwashed hair with lots of hair mist.

6. High Half Pony

Constance Wu chooses for a romantic half-up hairstyle with a sleek high ponytail and a strand of her hair wrapped around the pony to add up the extra glam to the look.


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