10 Things to Know Before Going Auburn


9. Keep your Eyebrows Natural

Many women believe that they must match their eyebrows to the new auburn color of their hair but that’s actually the worst beauty mistake you can ever make.

It is important to avoid be too matchy-matchy and allow your eyebrows to remain neutral with their natural color.

Dying your eyebrows auburn is a bad decision that will require a lot of high-maintenance, along with appearing tacky and overdone. Instead, it is best to flaunt your brows with a neutral warm brown color, which will exude a gentle red gleam without being too overpowering.

Keep your Eyebrows Natural
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10. Steer Clear of the Self Tanner

If you have auburn hair or even highlights along with a light skin complexion, it is highly advisable to avoid using a self-tanner as it can cast an orangey vibe on your dark red tones.

Basically, the red hair color will cause the fake bronze glow to brighten up with an awful orange gleam, giving your light complex an awful pinkish look.


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