Cardi B Surrenders to New York Cops After Strip Club Fight

26 years old American singer, rapper and television personality, Cardi B, turned herself in to NY police last Monday on 1st of October, over charges stopping from a fight at a Strip Club. The Rapper named “Bodak Yellow” yielded at the 109 zone in Queens on Monday. The NY police department told to CBS news that Cardi B was given an order for misdemeanour hasty endangerment and stabbing.

Cardi B was seen leaving the club with a wide smile, though she said that she don’t want to comment on anything. Her attorney, Jeff Kerrn, stated that they were aware of no evidence that she caused any harm to anyone that night and they expect that the matter will resolved as they expected it to be.

She was involved with an argument at Angels Gentlemen’s club in Queens at 3 a.m. on Saturday night. According to police, Cardi B got into a fight with a young female bartender and it got serious when bottles, chairs and hookah pipes were thrown at the bartender and got her slightly injured. Cardi B threw a chair to an unintended person and he too got slightly injured.

Singer Cardi B charged after fight at a New York strip club
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Say Cheese!/GC Images

9 other people, who were involved in the fight took off after the fight but rapper agreed to surrender herself after the bartender identified her as the main culprit. NY police and investigators are looking in the matter and what they came to know till now is that Cardi B has “Long-standing beef” with this 23 years old bartender because she believed that she had been sleeping with her husband.

The new mom, Cardi B, was involved in another fight few days back in New York Fashion Week party, with Nicki Minaj. According to the people presented at the scene, Nicki was busy in conversation with someone when Cardi B attacked but luckily Nicki’s guards interfered to save her.

Cardi B once threw a shoe of Nicki Minaj because she thinks that she made fun of her daughter but on the other hand Nicki Minaj stated in her Radio show that she would never do that, and she had never talked about anyone’s child or parenting and she thinks these rumours and lies are ridiculous.


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