10 Celebrities Share their Nostalgic Moments for the 10-Year Challenge

3. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson has ditched her romantic and feminine decade-old look for a rowdy and bold hair transformation.


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A decade and a buzz cut later 💇‍♀️ #10YearChallenge

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4. Padma Lakshmi

Instead of going back 10 years, Padma decided to do a 20 year challenge with this amazing picture.


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Me after a sip of coconut water 🥥💧1999/2019…. not quite the #10yearchallenge. More like the #20yearchallenge!

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5. Kate Beckinsale

Kate also decided to break free from the bandwagon by posting a picture that was 15 years old.

6. Brie Larson

Brie Larson reminded us all that celebrities also went through awkward periods.

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