Hailey Baldwin Wants to Trademark Her Married Name

Daughter of an American actor Stephen Baldwin, 21 years old Hailey Baldwin is an actress and television personality, born in November 1996. Hailey started her career with modelling, hosting and this lead her to acting and uncountable television appearances. Baldwin started dating pop singer Justin Bieber in 2015 but they broke up just after one month of dating. But after all these years and after dating a lot of other people Baldwin and Bieber started meeting again in recent year 2018. In fact they announced their engagement together and also that they had obtained a marriage licence under the California Law that states that they have to get married in December otherwise they had to get their licence again. This was the news circulating in media and among the fans from past 3-4 months but recently the couple surprised their fans when they said that they got married last month at NY City courthouse and the idea of secret wedding ceremony was from Hailey Baldwin.

A close source reported that Hailey is a bright girl and she is not just following and adoring Justin for time being but she really wanted to be with him for longer period of time.

Hailey Baldwin Sightings in New York City
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Through this newlywed couple have this plan for a bigger wedding with all friends and family. Hailey wanted this officially married title as soon as possible.

Another source said that it was all her idea that she wanted the world to know that we are serious and it’s not just some crazy time fling, plus she said I want this world to know that we two (Hailey and Justin) are against the world.

Few people tried to obtained documents from court and Hailey also filed the documentation with the name of “Hailey Bieber”.

In a recent interview given to Harper’s BAZAAR, 21 years old model stated about her 24 years old husband that he is an incredible human being and he crushes everything like every song and feature and she feels blown away with everything he does so amazingly.


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