What Does Kate Middleton Keep in Her Purse?

As a fully functioning adult female, things I keep in my bag, are like I should keep a suitcase with me instead of a handbag. (That’s what my mother says). She says this because my bag is always full and heavy with so many things that I don’t even use every time but it is mandatory for me to take them along where ever I go. A bb cream, lipstick, perfume, few bobby pins, safety pins, a comb, a catcher and a pony tail, an alarming amount of bills and receipts, few visiting cards, sunglasses, some cash, my Id card and off course my phone and few other things I don’t remember right now. BUT do you know what Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, keeps in her bag? None of the above mention stuff.

kate middleton handbag accessories
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Since she’s from a royal family, she is supposed to have a bag filled with expensive brands and stuff like that but instead all she carries with her is, a lip balm, a compact mirror, a handkerchief and a bloating paper. That’s it.

This is pretty normal, right? But a thing to notice is, she doesn’t even take money along nor a credit card. I mean, I wonder if she ever needs money being a Duchess of Cambridge but who doesn’t need money man? And another thing to notice is, No Phone. We don’t know if she even have one.

I wonder, if they have any family Whatsapp group, so that it would be my request to please let me sneak in or make it open for the press maybe? No?


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